Welcome to The Fitness Shop Bournemouth. We aim not to be just another standard supplement shop, but instead be a bespoke centre specialising in all things health.  We aim to provide not only just the best supplements and fitness wear from brands we believe in; but also deliver general health and well-being advice, offer a mental health support service, act as a gym space for 1-2-1 PT sessions and provide healthy nutritional meals through our partnered meal prep company. 


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    Its important to make sure your body has all the correct vitamins let us help you look after yourself.


    vegan friendly products

    At the fitness shop we understand it is important to cater to all different types of dietary needs we have a range of vegan friendly products.


    Our goal is to stand out from our competition by facilitating to what every body needs. We don’t want to limit our services and only cater for the traditional bodybuilder, but plan to provide health, fitness and nutritional guidance to anyone, regardless of age, shape, size or goal. We are opening our doors to everyone on their health and fitness journey, regardless of what stage they are at or even if they are just starting out.


    “Great products and great people. Have everything for my nutritional needs with in depth knowledge about health and nutrition. Will be coming back.”

    earl, essex



    Our brands and partners offer products and services that we believe to be the very best. Each supplement and product has been specifically sourced for a reason. Our staff have been trained on each product and will be happy to talk you through the benefits of each one and answer any questions you may have.

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