Hey I’m Leah… as a young girl I was never really into fitness at school so i would not have dreamt let alone expected to have and love my career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. 


When I left school my dad taught me the basics of exercise and weight lifting; this inspired me to train for the navy.  

2017 saw an end to that dream as I unfortunately came down with a virus and was not able to continue the navy training but I didn’t let this stop me! 

At that moment i decided to pursue a career as a personal trainer as i wanted to help people be healthy whilst making sure i lived a healthy life myself. I have never looked back and after a few years of building my business I am now ready to work on my own fitness goals.


In the not so distant future I will be setting stage and participating in wellness competitions. Fitness to me is more than an image, it is a way of changing your life and your mindset. 

Every single day is a new opportunity to work on your health and change your life,

I will use every day to my benefit. 


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