When I was younger I always lived a very active life including playing football to a high level. However, as I got older I stopped playing sports, started to eat badly and gained a lot of weight. I didn’t realise how much weight until one day I looked at a photo of myself and didn’t recognise the man in the picture. I decided then to do something about the weight I had gained and began a fitness journey. 


Starting bodyweight training in my 30s, I've  become passionate about mastering control of the body and immersed myself in the world of bodyweight strength training. Expanding my skill set with training in martial arts, weight lifting,my movements and teachings reflect a mixture of knowledge from each of disciplines training. 


The journey wasn’t easy, but during that time I lost weight and realised my love and passion for bodyweight training.

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I started my fitness journey 4 and half years ago.


I found love with Calisthenics. Before that I was taking part in long distance Jogging Competitions in high school. I was a really shy person and that's why i didn't go to the gym.


My calisthenics journey started from my first advanced move (muscle up) in April 2016 and each new skill in body weight training was giving me bigger motivation to push harder and move forward. 


I started to mix body-weight training/ strength training with Yoga.

I took part in the National Street Workout Championships which gave me a boost of confidence I needed.


In October 2020 I took part in my first Bodybuilding Show where I took 2nd place in Woman's Athletic Figure. 


I'm a qualified Personal Trainer and it's great to do what I love. If you want to achieve that dream body and learn some new skills along the way - handstands, pull ups, muscle ups, push ups, yoga from beginner to advanced just get in touch.

Follow my journey on instagram: @Fitterthanhim