Our Story

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We started The Fitness Shop as we noticed a gap in the market of the health and fitness industry. There are plenty of famous and not so famous supplement shops around offering bog-standard advice and ignoring the overall message of health. We opened as we want to challenge our competition by catering to everyone that wants to lead a healthier lifestyle. This means internal and external health and looking at health as whole package rather than just an image or an appearance. We know that health is more than the look of having abs and take into consideration our customers mental health and nutritional wellbeing. 

The goal of The Fitness Shop is to provide a safe space for those from all walks of life, that are looking to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle and make positive changes in their lives. We want to welcome our customers into the shop with open arms and be able to provide them with advice on helping them reach their health and fitness goals.


Here at The Fitness Shop we know that health and fitness is not a one size fits all approach. People have different needs and goals depending on their own personal position and stage in life. Therefore, we wanted to create something that everyone could benefit from in some way. We want to be able to give advice and support to anyone at any age, shape, size or fitness level.

Health to us is more than about how many laps you can do around the track or how your body looks in a gym outfit. We realise that the most important thing is that you’re moving your body in a healthy and safe way for you, that you’re fuelling your body with the correct nutrition and that you are looking after your mental wellbeing. We see this as a 360 approach rather than just guessing someone’s health and wellness needs based on what they look like.

Our overall message is that health is wealth, and we want to help our customers achieve their absolute best healthiest forms, no matter what this may look like to them.